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Digital Showroom


Our customers can visit our digital showroom through different platforms. These platforms include options such as the Web, virtual reality, and Metaverse. In this way, our customers can examine our products in a more detailed and interactive way. Our digital showroom aims to provide the best experience to our customers by offering many features. Interactive object exchange and material exchange features allow our customers to experience the different features and materials of our products interactively. Thanks to the interactive information feature, our customers can get detailed information about our products. With the product rating feature, our customers can rate our products and provide useful feedback for our other customers. The multi-language option allows our customers to use our digital showroom in different languages. The sticker feature helps our customers make our products more interactive. The 3D object preview feature allows our customers to examine our products in 3D. The link to product link feature allows our customers to easily access product pages. The showroom map feature allows our customers to explore different areas in our digital showroom more easily.

The 360 Showroom feature is a feature that shows our products from different angles on the website. For virtual reality, we offer 3D Showroom feature. Both features include interactive features such as object and material exchange and allow our customers to examine our products in more detail. In addition, features such as the information extension and the rating extension allow our customers to learn more about our products and provide useful feedback to our fellow customers.

We advertise in Metaverse to bring our digital showroom to wider audiences. In addition, we monitor the performance and effectiveness of our digital showroom through tools such as Google analytics. All these features, together with the multi-language option, provide our customers with the best experience.


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