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Take a look at which business lines you can bring solutions and innovations in "Virtual World" applications from the cards below that you need to do to move your company to virtual worlds. If you have a different idea or want to discuss a project, contact us. We can also prepare a demo project for you.



Newly developed digital areas have become cheaper and enabled us to make more free designs in a short time. In addition, it has become more enjoyable to visit 360 tours from mobile or computer via the website.

There are also augmented reality features that will lead to the thinning of this boundary between reality and virtuality.



With the increase in the use of the Internet, online meetings have become more common. Many employees who cannot go to the office prefer to hold their meetings online.

Meetings held in the virtual environment save time. Employees have the opportunity to hold meetings whenever and wherever they want.


Recently, with the development of technology, new education methods have started to emerge. One of these methods was metaverse classes.

 First of all, metaverse classes offer students the opportunity to study in a virtual world.

 These classrooms contain a 3D graphically rendered world where students interact through their virtual avatars.



Virtual tourism market is a type of alternative tourism that allows people living in different countries to travel to different cities in virtual reality. A vacationer who wants to go on vacation will be able to contact the avatar sales representative of the vacation destination he wants to buy, make a hotel reservation, and have the opportunity to wander around the hotel where he will spend his vacation with his avatar.


Oyun tutkunları ve macera arayanlar için mükemmel bir adres olan , her platformda benzersiz oyun deneyimleri sunar. PC, mobil ve VR platformlarında çeşitlilik sunan geniş oyun yelpazemizle, her türden oyuncuya hitap ediyoruz. Yenilikçi oyun mekanikleri, göz alıcı grafikler ve sürükleyici hikayelerle dolu dünyamızda, maceradan stratejiye, bulmacadan aksiyona kadar her türden oyunu bulabilirsiniz. Oyunlarımız, teknolojinin son sınırlarını zorlayarak sizlere unutulmaz anlar yaşatmayı hedefler. her yaştan ve her zevkten oyuncunun yeni favori oyununu keşfetmesi için ideal bir başlangıç noktasıdır. Hayalinizdeki oyun deneyimini yaşamak için bizimle bu yolculuğa çıkın.

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