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Kızılay Gaziantep Branch Women organized an event in the Democracy Square on the 154th anniversary of the foundation of Kızılay. Within the scope of the event

The most notable was Kızılay's Metaverse fair. .

The events held on the 154th anniversary of the establishment of the Red Crescent were a halay show and face painting in the children's tents. However, the most striking thing during the event was Metaverse, the technology of recent years.


The history and all activities of Kızılay were visited in person at the fair held on the land in Turkey's first Metaverse Gverse Universe. On the other hand, Gverse officials reported that they built the Gaziantep fairground of Kızılay in Gverse universe  free of charge for Kızılay.


Red Crescent officials, on the other hand, thanked the authorities of the institution who contributed, noting that it was a good work that they had the opportunity to get to know Metaverse  , a wonder of technology.


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